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Many people now are sick with this disease.


D007 said...

I agree with Patrick O.
But reality is that the H1N1 Has been reconstructed and modified by researchers of our US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES (or best known as USAMRIID) making it far more deadly.
Plus you have to understand that we are in a BW era, (Biological Warfare Era). The weapons used are, Ignorance, FEAR, Propaganda!
All three combined are perfect to disarming the enemy. In this case, The propaganda the media has displayed around the globe has injected FEAR into the Ignorant societies around the world. Only WHO and a Few Countries know what this is about.
Unfortunately even though the virus is not a thing of alarm, it has greatly affected our neighboring Country, Mexico. I think this was the impact that was expected. If I'm not mistaken, The AMERO and the North American Union has something to do with this.
This new Naturally Mutated virus, (MAN MADE) was purposely created to bring a country down to its knees, for what purpose? Only time will tell. Please check the link below to see what happened in similar events through history. Since 1763 to present.

Victoria said...

Drink beer, watch tv, and pretend you'd never heard of it. It's pretty much just like a regular influenza virus, its just transmitted differently, and the human immune system hasn't been exposed to it yet, so we're not nearly as immune. Its treated the same way though. The media is overplaying this - it's just another way to get a story.

Patrick O said...

it's less harmful than the regular flu

Craig said...

We can't avoid it.

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