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I need some good advice and a few more information about this swine flu. When will it stop spreading all over the world? It is already spreading and I want it to stop before my pen pal go to Mexico. How long will it take it to stop and be gone? Why swine flu? Why do they call it? I don't get it about swine flu. I know it could kill people and it is not to become cured but why is it spreading? What are the signs of it? Please help me and I want it to stop.


Ashleyy said...

Doctors think the "swine flu" now known as H1N1 will end in about two years. The used to call it the "swine flu" because it was said that it was spread from pigs on a farm in Mexico City, but do not worry those pigs are long gone. People are more worried about this flu because it is easier to spread from person to person. Just by touching a desk or a pencil that someone has used thathas this will get it. Although if you are not young or old you will only have it for about 4 days. The signs are runny nose then cough then vomitting then diarrhea, you also will have avery high fever.
Hope this helps :]]

Sacred Sorceress said...

I think there's a connection between swine flu and the global economic situation. And I think it's also part of a larger, global health issue. To start with, you need a healthy immune system to fight any kind of infection. Especially in the US, very few people have a truly healthy immune system considering how bombarded we are by sugars, pesticides, hormones, stress, etc.
Listen to "The Spiritual Reality Behind Swine Flu" on the Inner Power Hour radio show (, or download the show transcript from the site. I think you'll get some great insight into Swine Flu.

wishnuwe said...

Well where I live they have resumed schools. I think it is a virus in the air spreading also by touch. I really think it would be best to ask your medical doctor for advice and if he thinks you should risk going to Mexico, or make other plans. I believe the strain in Mexico is more severe than other areas. The problem is that the symptoms are the same as the regular flu, so some people didn't take it serious. I think it would be best to ask your primary care doctor.

Patrick said...

It's not as scary as you think.
And it will be stopping around summer time, then it will pick back up again for winter.
Swine flu can be stopped in your system by taking a general antiviral drug (tamiflu).
It's too early to say how bad it is, but unless you're a chemist, there isn't much you can do to stop it.

JIMMY T said...

It is not called swine flu anymore and it is not caused by eating pigs.
It is called Influenza a h1n1 and now Novel H1N1 Flu…
It's not over - Experts Say Prepare for Possible H1N1 Flu Resurgence in Fall
You can get all your questions and answers about this FLU here :

SEEKER said...

For some reason the news are not covering swine flu anymore.
I suggest going here:http://swineflu-preventionsupdates.blogs…
They'll update the info.
and you can ask them questions, by leaving a comment.

hockeydo said...

hopefully by this weekend :(

SourPatc said...

Not for a while.
They haven't even managed to isolate the virus yet, and even once they have, it will take them at least 7 months to develop a vaccination. And even after that they need to do extensive testing to see if there are any dangers associated with it, which is possible, so they would have to start all over again.
I guess all you can do for the moment is NOT make out with pigs.
But don't worry, we rid the world of small pox, which was MUCH more serious and deadly, I am sure somehow we will manage this.
I am 15 and go to school at JAGS. This is right near the school Alleyns, in Dulwich, London, where 6 cases were confirmed. I am also currently doing my GCSEs.
And my 69 year old father has JUST had major heart surgery and is still weak from it and so would be more susceptible to the virus.
Am i worried?
I really cannot say.

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