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In Singapore How much cost you need to pay to hospital if you found you have H1N1, they will quarantine you and hospitalized you.
Roughly how much you need to pay?


vania_gl said...

Hi I consult Influenza Report, this is a medical textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of epidemic and pandemic influenza (download PDF) here :

michalak said...

Hello from the US. Can you tell us if they are hospitalizing people in Singapore if they have H1N1? Here, we do not automatically do this for H1N1 unless the patient is very sick (cant stay hydrated, etc.). Thanks
edit: nice one malica. zing.

-Miah♥- said...

If you think you have it or you know someone that has it. Seek help immediately. Would you rather pay a 2,000 medical bill. Or would you rather be dead?

malica said...

Zero I would expect. Singapore has universal health care managed by their government.

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