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I was wondering what would happen if there was a bird flu pandemic. I have this friend who can make up weird stories sometimes, and she told me that they were going to lock us in our houses and only vaccinate people from 19-35 years old. This kinda got me wondering what will happen if a pandemic happens. I'm kinda freaked out because I've heard so much about how bad it is and would be, and how slow the vaccines are coming out.


Live_For said...

It would be a smart move for you to buy some masks and disposable gloves now and put them away, because when it does eventually happen, there will be a big rush on these two items and people will be unable to get them. So be smart and buy them now. Cheers

Hoot said...

Short of vaccination, isolation is the only way to avoid an airborne viral pandemic.
It would be quite bad in mortality and illness, but with a little luck, containment can stop a pandemic in its tracks, if we learn about it soon enough.
Otherwise, hunker down and stay out of circulation.

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