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It was a terrorist attack!
The puppet government of Cuba behind the bacteriological/biological terrorist attack against Mexico!
Swine flu affects pigs. But it was modified in labs to make it affect humans.
Mexico suspect in Cuba's clandestine labs.
Cuba is afraid and ban Mexico to visit the island.
Florida is afraid too.
Terrorist cells in Cuba and Florida are under investigation.
Cuba "has at least a limited offensive biological warfare" capability that could support biological warfare programs.
Cuba is attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction.
The State Department's top nonproliferation official, called on Cuba to cease transfers of biological weapons technology to "rogue states and to fully comply with all of its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention."
For four decades Cuba has maintained a biomedical industry. Swine Flu virus might be modified in Cuba's clandestine laboratories and used against Mexico.!!!


CYCLOPS said...

Could have been poor hygiene by the Mexicans. Maybe farmers were feeding their pigs contaminated water/food while they themselves were sick.

Holliste said...

really? are you serious with this nonsense?
The origins of the virus is unknown, although the first documented cases were in Mexico. It could have originated anywhere - and made its final mutation in mexico making it more viable for human to human transmission. Before we play the 'Dirty Mexican' card - we should consider the fact that the 1918 Influenza Pandemic originated in Kansas and that we spread it all over the world.

=] said...

it started from the birds. the birds pooped and then the pigs digested it and it got inside of the pigs body. now when the pigs sneeze on something and a person touches it and touches their mouth afterwards they get the swine flu. but its not the pigs fault. and in egypt their killing all those innocent pigs

Sara K said...

I was worried too but felt much better after reading this article:
Washing your hands is a good idea. Surprisingly, eating garlic does have antibiotic effects. Oh, and you can't get swine flu from eating pork products. I hope this helps!

ivor said...

i thought the disease came from the pigs into the human so in my head i imagined a mexican man have intercourse with a pig and then getting sick the next day. iono but it's funny and possible? and the pig was sick hahaha

JazzaJon said...

the swine flu started by a little kid playing with a pig and he got sick and spreaded it on to Mexico!

I am the next l3v31 said...

OMG REALLY?!? now we're going to turn into pigs too!
nice story.
It was by a sick pig gene's. And a farmer touched it, and spread the flu

Mia said...

It started by pigs and birds!!

Anonymous said...

It started first with a young Mexican boy who spent a lot of time around pigs.

raymond rich said...

ummm i don't know any thing so i am not much help but i know how to not poop.... don t eat any thing for a very long time... well that's all iv got, gtg

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