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I've been checking the CDC's webpage almost daily..:
And today it says there is 392 Confirmed Cases of Swine Influenza in Illinois, the most out of all the states.
Did one of the school go to Mexico for a trip, does anyone know? And if so could you tell me the city in Illinois they are from?
Just wanting to know for the children, afterall they are most vulnerable.

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thegeolo said...

Here's the link to the Illinois Department of Health's website on H1N1.
It breaks down the confirmed cases by county. I doubt you'll be able to get information more specific such as by city.

dis_orie said...

Someone figured out the higher the count the higher his department's budget or the more grant money they'll get. Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.

Emily C said...

Because lots of Illinoians went to Mexico recently

inlovewi said...

I don't know why but it probably has to do with the huge O Hare airport in Chicago. Just a guess.

Edward A said...

Well what do you expect ILL... inois lol

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