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Okay, so i found out that a friend of mines mother contracted H1N1 and days ago i shared a drink with my friend.he has been tested for h1n1 and does not have it. But i am still unsure if the virus can be detected during incubation.


veronica l said...

hmmm.. yes or no.
H1N1 is like the common cold.. either ur body can fight off these virus or not. If ur immunity is weak, u will get it..
if i were u, i wont even worry. Bec for a person as young as u, u wont die of it unless u have heart disease, or lung complications. and remember.. u wont get it, even when all circumstances pointed to the direction, unless a higher power says so.
so relax, and nothing to worry about.. really.
if u r so dead worried.. wait for 5 days.. if nothing happens.. u wil be fine. take vit c supplements, and vit c enriched foods.

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