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Never trust a so called professional they are only in it for the money.


RATCHET said...

Those who take too much antibiotic technically do not have weakened immune systems; what they have is a strain of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and therefore harder to treat.
This would have no effect on a person's susceptibility to swine flu, because flu is a viral disease and is not affected by antibiotics anyway.
In fact, a person who is ill with a bacterial disease is less likely to get the flu, because viral diseases function better in a body that is healthy to begin with.

The First Dragon said...

Everybody stands the same chance to catching swine flu, just some people (with low immune system that take anti biotics regularly) get really affected by swine flu, also those who have ever had a normal flu before will not be affected much than to those who have never suffered a flu before (like everyone in my house apart from my dad) will suffer tremendously.

Anonymous said...

yeah i heard its just like normal flu ... if your health enough, then if will just be like normal flu, but if your unhealthy, as in ill in some way, it will probably affect you more and could cause trouble
tis what i've heard on TV... but yeah.... just listen to the guy that answered first... he knows wat hes on about by the sounds of it XD

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