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My friend works at a cancer clinic, and they have been advised to send any people who come in for treatment for testing if they have flu like symptoms. Since the treatment and in some cases the type of cancer causes "flu-like symptoms" in at least 80% of cancer patients, her department has been sending the majority of their patients to get tested.
Does this seem unnecessary to you? We live in a province in Canada that has not had any confirmed swine flu cases.


Sookie Stackhouse (Book Fan) said...

In the case of cancer, you can never be too safe.
The immune system is at the bottom of the charts for these people who are already suffering. It may take time, extra work for the health care 'professionals' to do their job but in this case lives are actually at stake.
I work in health care, I do not care what it takes to do the right thing for anyone who is in my care. That is why I chose to be a nurse.

LUCKY 11 said...

People with cancer have lower immune system, so their chances of catching the flu are higher than a healthy individual. They should still get tested to be safe.

Sue S said...

try to search yahoo answers.
there are very good answers there.

sweets4t said...

Better safe than sorry, I think.

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