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As of today there are more cases of H1N1 in Japan and other countries in the world I wonder if the airport in Beijing is getting even more cautious? Please respond to this question if you have been there RECENTLY. I'm leaving there in 3 days and really don't want to get quarantined. Thanks!


Craftyla said...

My father-in-law just landed in Beijing this week on a flight from the United States. A health crew boarded the plane and took every passenger's temperature. Fortunately, no one showed signs of a fever and all were allowed to disembark. The same held true for some friends who flew in on another flight.
However, if someone does have a fever, then the entire plane (not just the person with a fever) is quarantined for a week. They are put up at a nice hotel, but they are not allowed to leave the hotel. This is done at the government's expense.
There's no way to tell if you will be quarantined or not until after the health crew does their inspection.
This is the latest travel advisory from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):…
Good luck!

always right said...

the Airport will be fine they maybe a bit cautious if you have a cold/flu like symptoms and cough and sneezee while your their otherwise they wont do anything they don't do normally

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