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If your planing to go to any concerts and now that the Swine Flu is here are you still going to go? Like with all the people that you don't know smashed together and the risk of getting it.


John C™ said...

I'll be still going but the people I'll be smashing with I'd want to know.
Good Hygiene.
Keep washing your hands.
Take some alcohol wipes with you.

healyall said...

I'm not even going to restaurants. A concert would be the perfect breeding ground for Swine Flu, because of mass amounts of people.
Imagine this, you're at a concert with 10,000 other people, in a major city. How many of those people do you think went to Mexico during spring break? Think about it.
Everyone should stay out of big crowds and populated areas.

Tyler said...

It'd certainly be a good way of getting it...assuming someone at the concert has it, coughs on you, and you put your dirty fingers directly into your mouth, nose, or eyes.
Where do you live?
SoCal, SoTexas, NYC are all places I am suspect of right now.
I live in San Diego 20 miles from the Mexican border and sanitize my hands pretty regularly.

Crush said...

Maybe. Some of the ppl you can be close too may work directly with pigs. Just bring some hand sanitizer. and if you're really cautious, bring a mask.

anarcho the angry said...

Not unless you live in Mexico City.

ⓐⓜⓐⓣⓞ said...

If there isn't any kinda outbreak in your area, why not.

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