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Well,I live in Asia :)
It seem that Swine Flu have got better in the western side but worsen in the Asia side. So I am wondering if you do know..
is it true that old people and young children are the ones who will get swine flu easily? while the working adults and teenagers will less likely be affected by swine flu?
lastly, if someone does get swine flu.. what are the possibilities of surviving it?


johnnycu said...

As I understood it from the news here in the United States, it is no more deadly than any regular flu. Old people have weaker immune systems because the immune system gets weaker with age. Children's immune system is still forming and getting stronger and that is why they are more vulnerable to any type of infection than other age groups. Rest and drinking fluids is what my doctor told me when I had a pretty bad case of regular flu a couple of years ago. Hope this helps.

So Cali Guy said...

from what i hear in the states if diagnosed with swine flu, treatment is with three pills( not sure what it is though) and then we are recommended what johnnyc says.. some people i hear that was reported start to feel better after the second pill. not meaning of course the are actually healed but start to feel slightly better. i hope i kinda helped..
sorry for not knowing what the drug is called but it appears to be an older drug that we used a while back.

Craig C said...

Swine flu seems to be targeting young people, unlike normal flu which targets the elderly. ANY ONE can get swine flu. The chances of surving it at the MOMENT are very high but in the Autumn it will be slim to none.

Andrei S said...

if you believe in viruses than you have none but if you believe in GOD live life and every lifetime second to its fullest

boourns said...

0%. Nice meeting you.

kristi said...

There are lots of people who die from the regular flu all the time, it's just not well known because it's not broadcast by the media like the swine flu is. The Swine flu is not that different from regular flu, it doesn't even come from swine, it's just a new strand of the virus. The new name for it is H1N1 virus. The elderly and children are more prone to getting the swine flu but adults can contract it also. The chances of death from swine flu are the same as that of the regular flu. Just drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest and keep you fever down.

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