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What do you think is gonna happen in the future with the swine flu?
I personally think it'll spread (throughout the years) to Canada and every where else and eventually everyone will die. Sorry for sounding so morbid, but it's like the black plague except it's already spreading.
What do you think?


blank said...

I honestly don't know, but things are getting bad. The recession, bee's disappearing, global warming, now a flu outbreak....I'm hoping it doesn't spread. No one in America died yet so I'm not sure, if a deadlier strain of it forms then I will be somewhat worried. I don't think I would die from it, but if I did then oh well. I already feel bad because people in Mexico already died. So hopefully things will get better :)

georgiad said...

Well, it's not really like the Black Death. We don't really know how it was spread, though the speed of it suggested that it was spread through air. It looks more like this swine flu is spread through touch... And if you think the Black Death was bad, have you ever read about the 1918 Influenza? The death toll was 500 thousand to 100 million, and spread worldwide in three months - We've just been waiting for a bad flu mutation to happen again. It was inevitable. Statistics suggest that such an epidemic happening again would probably kill about a million people in the states. I actually predicted that this would happen, so I'm not at all surprised... and there's really nothing we can do about its spread.

THosenfe said...

i wouldn't think that. It's possible but i doubt it. By time it reaches everywhere, there will be a cure. There is treatment now for it in the USA but Mexico has poor enviroment and poverty and poor medical help so thats why so many of them are dieing. The people in the USA are recovering and responding well to treatment. And only about 80 something out of 1,000 something have died from it. Those people probably live in poor conditions and can;t get help.

Anna said...

The people in the US that were confirm of having it all recover. We still don't know is why the people in mexico are drying and everybody else in is recovering. I heard that ten people in New Zealand was infect but they all recover. We still don't want going to happen

whitney p said...

to the anser of the person how did it spread so quickly
ah hello this is the modern era people tend to use planes
to travel all over the globe
and until we stop the transport system till this is over
were all doomed lol

marky said...

Remember SARS?
Hopefully it will quiet down like SARS.
But one never knows. Sorry, no answers are present right now.
The "kill rate" in Mex is 7% right now, a lot higher than previous plagues.

stevenev said...

The Americans who had the disease are making a full recovery! This virus is not going to cause a global pandemic.

Kajex said...

LOL I think that not more than 3% of the earth's population will die from the swine flu. There will be a lot of us left.

The First Dragon said...

I think God sent this plague.
And LOL LOL LOL to the second answer. That made my day.

Tory Mae said...

i dont no
but its put me off the idea of a holiday to mexico i'll tell you that!

Anonymous said...

Canada already reported cases. Texas already report 7 cases of a never before seen strain of the Swine Flu and the people didn't know each other. Foreign countries are banning imports of pork from North America and travel to North America. 81 people have died in Mexico. San Diego, Ohio, Queens, NY, Texas, Kansas all report cases.
I think we have to reexamine how and why we breed pigs. Huge farms, raised with ducks and other animals. We were warned years ago with wells, lakes and streams poisoned from the waste from farms miles away. Recently the farmers are trying DNA changes to not make their waste so toxic-they are playing with fire. Raising birds that get viruses and are not hurt by them, give it to the pigs, the pigs alter the virus and because the DNA is so closely related to human DNA it is easily passed to humans with disaster results.
Cairo has been raising 350,000 pigs, and now are scared. Doesn't anyone read the bible? How many generations out there ignored the Jewish laws on cleaning, hand washing, checking animals, not cross-breeding, putting bacteria DNA into crops and now animals, feeding meat products to animals that only eat vegetation (see Mad Cow disease) which makes the animal non-kosher. Even the NT tells Christians not to eat the blood of animals, but has that stopped them?
We are losing our honey bees, so what will happen to our crops? We have dead zones in rivers and a dead zone of waste the size of Texas north of Hawaii. Whales are dying because of human consumption of their food, prawns. We are over fishing to the point we are using what we rarely eat to make into feed for animals. In the book Deut., it says not to eat pork! Thank God that Muslims do not eat it, that is another 1 billion less people that will eat it. But why is Egypt raising 350,000 of them?
It will spread, 1 day it takes to give it to another. One sneeze, one step in someone's spit can bring it into your house, so can sharing a pubic rest room, or a plane, or from some handling the raw food.
North America needs to do something right now, every day America will loose billions in travelers, who will pay this bill?

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