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its just an EXAGGERATED news ...h1n1 is a sissy virus,...compared to ebola reston which infected hog breeders in the philippines ,the slaughterhouses are so filthy,,,a POZO ***** is much more cleaner than a regular slaughter house....filipino's consume double dead meat bcoz it is 5 peso cheaper than a regular own kind live's on garbage landfills, we eat Fastfood leftovers, we recycle expired ma ling,


ambulance driver said...

We all don't know what to come.
But let's all pray and hope for the best.
And since there are still no confirmed cases of Influenza H1N1 here
I reckon we're all gonna be safe and sound.
But don't you think it's being overrated.
Since millions of people DIE of regular flu everyday,
and only hundreds have died with H1N1,
Why are they being so overrated with this thing.

Lieutenant Jopi said...

That depends on who you bribe and how much you pay to get the answer you want. Php 50-000 ought to do it.

Anonymous said...

It is a North American virus and the Philippines is not its natural habitat.

Aref H4 said...

How much does a fat hog weigh.

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