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Do you think this could be it? The end of the world, where the swine flu will continue to spread throughout the world, killing the majority, if not all the population?


HappyLas said...

It's just a swine of the times . But it's not the end yet .

Joe said...

no even the worst flu epidemic in history only killed under 1% of the population and even the bubonic plague only killed about a 9th of the total global population at that time and back then there was no sanitation and epidemics happen every 30-40 years and this is just like every other epidemic it will only kill a small portion of the population only a couple of million and at the most 50 million and our population is nearly 7 billion that it a tiny fraction
and its our modern Society that is why we are worrying because just go back 200 years and you would find illness running every where and it would always be worse than anything this pandemic could do and any way its not even at pandemic level yet

You think you know me? said...

NO! the melting of the Himalayas and Antarctica could be though.. O_o

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