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It's essentially because there are varying opinions of the disease. Health care professionals and their respective organizations, will almost always take a more negative approach to things. For example, the WHO (World Health Organization) has determined this to be a level 5 pandemic on a scale of one to six. The main reason that the disease is not being taken seriously across the board is due to the fact that many people simply view it as a flu. In reality, it is a combination of Swine Flu, Avian (Bird) Flu and Conventional Flu. This is where the lethality comes into play because humans have never been exposed to such a disease.
The reason Avian Flu didn't turn into a pandemic was because it was unable to efficiently mutate to become communicable between people. However, this new form of Swine Flu IS communicable between humans.


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ok they said that the bird flu was also going to be the next big pandemic nothing is going to happen dont worry

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