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I know the swine is much worse.
but the common Flu, just like the cold, always has people that get infected worse than others.
so is there an actual biological mircobial (just throwing big words out there) difference between the two? or is it just an uber bad case?


Anis said...

Unless you have access to a virology laboratory, you probably can't distinguish the two. Symptoms of swine and seasonal flu include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. Patients do seem to be reporting diarrhoea and vomiting more often with swine flu than is the case for "normal" flu, but in practice the two forms are probably indistinguishable.

Josie826 said...

The flu is the flu....there is no real difference, its just that this new strain is uncommon and has the chance of becoming very serious.
Here is an article that I found in a Grand Rapids, MI newspaper that may answer your question:
The so-called "normal flu" gets far less attention, but year in, year out, it is much deadlier.
People are always fighting germs, but still there's a good reason people get flu shots. The annual flu virus especially affects children, the elderly and other people with weakened immune systems.
The Centers for Disease Control estimates that, on average, over 36,000 Americans die each year from flu related causes. 1,900 of those flu deaths happened in Michigan.
As far as the swine flu, the CDC says most people will not have immunity to the new virus, and as it continues to spread and more cases are expected. Still, their number will likely pale in comparison to those afflicted with the flu we have long learned to live with.
---So, the only reason that this could turn into something very serious is that no one has a natural immunity to this strain of flu nor is their a vaccine right now that could help prevent it. If you are a fairly healthy person, you should have no worries.

JZM said...

The problem with this thing is it can MUTATE, and it has mutated (for example, when the guy gave it to pigs in Canada, Read the news, yesterday) and the scary thing about that is that it can mutate into something FAR WORSE than it is now, because it's got strains of Avian flu in it, and Avian flu is a nasty disease and you don't wanna know what this does to the human body. And it will dry up to some degree this summer, but come fall they are hoping that it does not mutate into something far far worse... People are not making this connection, BUT if you do the research and READ about the Avian flu, you will start to see why they are making a big deal out of this, the Avian strain is NOT like the other flus we see, it is much more deadlier, and will kill in a way that is horrific... The problem with this thing, is that the MORE people it gets, and the MORE widespread it becomes, the MORE it has a chance to MUTATE into this other much more DEADLIER and UNKNOWN strain of the virus which we have NO CURE for... It is why they are discouraging sick people to go out into public, and why Mexico shut down for 5 days, to try to NOT give it a chance to MUTATE... READ and research, people..... why do you think they are making it such a big deal??? The best thing you can do is BE PREPARED, buy non-perishables, drinking water to store, and pet food, anything you would need to stay home for a period of a month or more, and be ready to stay in for a period of time if your county becomes infected. It probably won't happen soon, but later on, like next flu season, you should have enough canned foods and prepare your household for a period of staying indoors if you can. The real worry is next flu season...

Ruth V said...

As far as symptoms: a fever, awful cough, sore throat, body aches, bad headache, chills, fatigue are the same. The difference is the genetic make up of the flu virus cell. Death occurs in the garden-variety influenza A or B strain just as it does in the swine flu. But there's a vaccine to ID these strains and no vaccine for the swine flu
Hope that helps

Amaretta said...

Their concern is that the flu can cause a severe pneumonia that can overwhelm the lungs and cause death.

Clowns are cool said...

theres no major difference.
they can both kill people, but swine flu is a new disease

Aaron O said...

yeah you turn into a pig serious!!!

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