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I keep hearing radio spots about pandemic flu. Is avian flu that serious a threat? Does your community have a plan?


♠ Jana ♠ said...

I've seen programs on pandemic flu and how easily it can be transferred from person to person. The bird flu originated in Asia and one program showed how a poultry farmer contracted the flu and went into town and sneezed everywhere, so one lady caught the flu off him and she got on a plane and went on business somewhere and then she gave it to other people, etc, etc.
The program talked about how cities would be able to handle bulk amounts of infected people, hospitals, emergency services. It's really stuff. I am going to enquire as to whether my community has a plan to deal with this infection.
Very interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Most communities are way behind schedule on this one. Yes I believe there is the possibility of either Avian flu or another to spread.

Somebody said...

I have heard nothing about a flu pandemic. I don't think it is a serious threat but it could easily become one.

Manda79 said...

It happened in 1918, it could certainly happen again. Which is why I'd love a place on at least 40 acres. The less people the healthier!

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