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Epidemic, Endemic and Pandemic are three cases of spread of diseases. All have something in common and yet are different from each other.
When a particular disease spreads within a small group of people say for example an attack of malaria in a group of people its known as endemic.
Some times hereditary or disease with the family are also termed as Endemic diseases.
An example of an epidemic is plague. Plague was an epidemic which spread throughout the country in various times in the world. Thus, Epidemic is the outbreak of some disease on a very large scale.
When diseases are spread throughout the globe with no connectivity in places, its known as a Pandemic. For instance, AIDS is a disease which is affecting many people in the world. There are HIV patients in many parts of the world which are not even close to each other. Unlike and epidemic, pandemic diseases do not affect the immediate person necessarily.
For a better understanding, it can be stated that an Endemic disease is one which affects a group of people say a family or a small village.
An Epidemic is a disease which spreads in the city/state.
A Pandemic disease is that which spreads in the whole country.
(Ofcourse do not consider the exact boundaries here. It just refers to the number of people.)
I had this in my last year's syllabus.
So kind of a revision for me.
Hope i was clear to you and was of help.


♫§ФúñÐ Ôf §ì£èñ¢è♫ (Яudra) said...

pandemic :
–adjective 1. (of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.
2. general; universal: pandemic fear of atomic war.
–noun 3. a pandemic disease.
epidemic :
–adjective 1. Also, ep⋅i⋅dem⋅i⋅cal. (of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.
2. extremely prevalent; widespread.
–noun 3. a temporary prevalence of a disease.
4. a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something: an epidemic of riots.
so basically a pandemic is a diease that spreads and covers a big area and a epidemic is an increase of something that affects many ...
hope i helped ♥
--iHeartu ♥

♫§ФúñÐ Ôf §ì£èñ¢è♫ (Яudra) said...

A pandemic is a disease that usually occurs in a given space, whether it be a town or a country.
An epidemic is when the disease is widespread and can affect many countries, even the entire world.

iHeartu said...

a pandemic is somthing that started at one main tracked point while an epidemic is never traced and can start in many places at once

grouchy_ said...

epidemic: spread of disease through at most a country or a fixed area
pandemic i believe is world wide

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