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With now outbrakes in the United Kingdom, this disease is starting to really catch peoples attention. It's spreading fast and we have no cure and scientists are really letting alot of information out yet.
My question is what do you think the conseqences of swine flu will be?. This maybe a little early to speculate but with recent outbrakes I think we can have a decent prediction. No silly answers please anybody that does is very immature.
Over to you!


Imma Eat Chu said...

Flu has always killed people. I think this disease will be like SARS. It spread to Most of Asia and North America, we only heard about it for a year, then never again.

Sven said...

I think it will be same as with SARS. Everyone was panicking a few years ago. Millions of chicken were killed and burned in Asia.
At least I hope it will not become anything more than the bird flu.

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