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Hyperthetically of course.
Good answers would be appreciated, top answer gets 10 points.
Maybe classes of people women children , etc...


nickipet said...

first, the anti-viral drugs are only for AFTER you have the disease.
So, in the earliest days, i would target those most likely to spread the virus --
-people who have to travel to Mexico due to their jobs
-health care workers
-children and day care workers
-elementary school teachers
later i would shift to health care workers,
and those most likely to die ( but most likely to recover if given something like Tami-flu)
If it became a TRUE pandemic, with a high mortality rate, i would use anti-virals on
health care workers, police, fire, soldiers
essential government workers
People from 15 to about 50
- who are necessary for the work and the government ( grown ups) and for taking care of children
my ranking may offend many people.
I see it as very similar to medical triage in a war zone.
If any disease has a high mortality rate, the choices need to be looked at very pragmatically

Outlaw Immortal said...

Women deserve it more then men? Why? Agreed on the children of course.. But why not split it between men and women? Are you saying women and their children? or just any woman in general.

sopie=] said...

i say women and children if not enough then just children. children are the future.

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