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Thousands of people die from the normal flu every year, yet last time i heard only 7 people have died from the swine flu. This number may have increased since i last watched the news.
It sounds like the media have found something new to talk about instead of the recession.
I think that by scaring everybody with the swine flu epidemic, the "people in charge" hope that we go out and buy tami flu, face masks etc. Which will stimulate the economy.


angelmus said...

I have friends in Mexico, and they didn't take it as a hoax.
And it didn't stimulate their economy.
No spectator sports, no open stores, no fairs or events, no restaurants, no banks, or no schools.
Pawn shops were extra busy as people tried to get a dollar or two for the emergency.

pgoulet2 said...

wow. You didn't really pay attention to what happened did you. The swine flu problem HURT the economy. It stopped travel dead in its tracks! And after the initial run to Wal-mart for supplies, it kept people in their homes away from crowds! (malls, cinemas, mass transit)

Karidelle B said...

more pepl ehave the swine flu, it is stronger than noramal flu and more deadly because it goes through you body more quickly. it is more deadly to poeple because doctors don't know how to cure it.

~~Bella~ said...

if anything it could ruin the economy…

Natalie said...

No, Thre is a TIME article about a survivor, adn like 70 people hav died

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