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bush administrations prepares for the worst case scenerio of 2 million dying. What would you do to prepare?


connie77 said...

Yes it will and it is coming. Flu pandemics are cyclical and occur regularly in our history. The last major one in 1919, circled the globe in 9 months, without mass air travel and killed 20 million people. That virus killed 2-5% of everyone infected. Viruses are built to survive and mutate, so it won't take long before the bird flu HN501 virus becomes one that can easily infect humans. We circle the globe in less than a day now. The bird flu that's on the way here kills 50% of those infected. We are in for a bad, bad time. I think Bush is being conservative in his estimate. I'd plan to have whatever I needed if I couldn't leave the house for a couple of weeks, and then I wouldn't go outside. This event will shut down transportation, outside events, people won't go to will be a huge deal.

connie77… said...

I got a pneumonia shot as many of the people died from pneumonia and I am buying this
Laboratory tests show Sambucol® neutralises Common and Avian Flu Virus H5N1
Added: (Thu Jan 19 2006)
New research, carried out by Retroscreen Virology has indicated that
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Laboratory trials held in a leading research institute, Retroscreen Virology
Ltd, associated with the University of London found Sambucol® to be at least
99% effective against the Avian Flu virus H5N1. Sambucol® was effective at
significantly neutralising the infectivity of the virus in cell cultures. These
results will also be presented during the International Conference on Bird Flu:
“The First Pandemic of the 21st Century. A Central Role for Antivirals”, to be
held at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital on January 19th-20th 2006.
Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, is looking into further investigations into the
activity of Sambucol® against Avian Flu on a wider scale.
In an earlier study (1995) Sambucol® was found to be effective against a wide range of influenza strains. Laboratory studies conducted at the Hebrew
University – Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem demonstrated the activity
of Sambucol® against human, swine, and avian influenza strains.
Sambucol®'s efficacy was also demonstrated in two double blind, placebo
controlled clinical studies. Sambucol® was shown to cut the duration and
severity of the common flu by up to half.
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kadel said...

It's a hoax, just like the Swine Flu some 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt it. President Bush has to prepare for it or he will blamed for bringing the birds in, just like he was blamed for Katrina, so he is doing his best.

marge871 said...

Yes. But most likely only for the birds. They have found a mild strain of the virus in birds in New Jersey. Although it is possible for humans to contract the virus, it is not likely, nor is it always deadly. Passing it from person to person will be difficult considering it is a deep respiratory virus, meaning that it dwells in the lower part of the lungs. So, generally, it won't be hacked out when you cough because it has a long way to travel.As far as preparing is concerned, what can we do? The Tamiflu doesn't get rid of the virus, and you can't isolate everyone from everyone else. I say when viruses like this emerge, it is a process of natural selection. We are predicted to be 9 billion strong in a few years, so maybe nature is just trying to thin the herd. I don't want to die, I don't want my friends and family to die, but life is what it is and if we could control it we would all be immortal millionaires snacking 24/7 on our calorie-free junk food.

honk2goo said...

That's what they're afrid of-- it's news that's tucked away into the recesses of your newspaper, but it's bla-bla'd about a lot on TV. We are bound to have it here because birds migrate and because chickens are raised in the most disgusting and unclean environments. So eat your chicken today, cause soon it could kill you.
And--exactly how can you prepare for this?? Do YOU have space at home for a supply of bottled water to last you and your family a month or 2? Can you afford to take off from work for a month, or keep the kids out of school?
We've all got to realize that life is a terminal disease--as Jim Morrison once said, "No-one here gets out alive".
The flu epidemic of 1917 killed a million or so Americans, and the plague in Europe killed millions. AIDS is killing 38,000 people a DAY in Africa. When it's your time, you gotta go, no matter how much money or brains you have.

msknowit said...

I doubt it. We have lots of ways to prevent it

alisonch said...

I don't think that is really like but you never know what will happen now adays.....good question lol

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