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I don't know but i heard if you have a cold or cough or something like that it could be a swine flu. I live in Canada and i don't know if i might have it because i have a cold and its been 2 days now, one of the side of my nose is blocked so i can only breathe with the other and its really runny sometimes. Help!


Sleeping Beauty said...

Are you of Hispanic ancestory? If so, this Mexicutioner virus is doing its job. If not, drink lots of beer and go watch hockey, hosehead.
Go Wings!

Anonymous said...

"If you’re sick you can experience:
* fever
* extreme tiredness
* dry cough
* sore throat
* runny or stuffy nose
* headache
* muscle aches
* nausea, vomiting, diarrhea also can occur
I think I might have swine influenza. What should I do?
Stay home to not infect others. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze to not spread flu germs.
If you’ve recently been to high-risk areas such as Mexico, CDC recommends you to see your doctor. If doctor suspects swine flu, he/she will be able to write prescription for Tamiflu or Relenza.
If you haven’t been to high-risk areas you can still see your doctor to make sure."
Generally, you can't be sure unless you visit doctor. Doctor will do test to check if it's swine flu or regular flu.

Free Wordpress Plugins said...

OMG - you've got a freakin' cold. Colds can last for about 2 weeks until you've properly got rid of them.
And anyway... the media are causing a swine flu pandemic because it's no where near as bad as normal seasonal flu, which by the way, 1800-2000 people die of seasonal flu every year so why is everyone so worried?

RoTTenKo said...

you sound better than me. You sound like you have a common cold. Unfortunantly, when you have swine flu it's like having common flu symptoms which I have right now..
vomiting, diarrhea, stuffy nose, leaky nose, headaches, chills and hot flashes, sore throat...your fine..

Leah said...

look at this site it has the symtoms…

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