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Ughh im freaking out. I live in Seattle, and my mom just got over a cold, and now i have a little cough, tired, feel like i have a fever, but i dont. is this H1N1?


Imma Eat Chu said...

It could range from anything to the common cold to allergies. Not everything is H1N1. I was feeling down yesterday and had all those symptoms you said so I took a Tylenol and now I feel fine.
Get some rest and if your symptoms continue or worsen, go see a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure... but if it is then i hope you get better quick. have you been to the doctor to check? that's one thing you can do b4 you start doubting if you have it.

vania_gl… said...

i wouldn't worry about it no one has really died in the states besides a really young boy in texas that had gone to mexico.

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