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I am 56 F. Should i start using the surgeons mask from chennai airport or after i reach Brussels or in NY ? Should i use it throught the flight. If i feel uncomfortable with the mask - where and when can i remove to get some relief from the discomfort ? Is the mask required only in places where there is a congregation of people ?


J M said...

It is summer in the US and cases of swine flu are minimal. don't worry about wearing a mask, no one here is.

matmkdk5 said...

They have proven that a mask will not protect you from the swine flu. I would not worry about it. It is not as bad as the regular flu. If you are in good shape and take care of yourself then you will be fine even if you get it.

Agent Orange said...

I would say don't wear it at all. Swine flu isn't really an issue anymore, it was just magnified by the media. You'll be fine without it.

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