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It's pretty scary to think how many people could die because of mans ability to travel so easily these days!. The last big one killed millions without this factor


Miki said...

yeah its very scary, i think that with all of new medical technology a cure would come soon after the outbreak. so basically instead of 1 million people dying it would be 100,000. instead of being concerned about a pandemic that may or may not occur, we should be concerned about the many common illnesses right now that people are dying from like Aids, allergic reactions, diabetes, cancer, Flu, and appenicitis.

sorcmagi said...

Yeah, pandemics are scary.
Pandemics spread - and eventually, it will reach you and me.
Although we can't stop airplanes from taking off the best things organizations can do is try to control them. Quarantine perhaps.
But for us individuals, all we can do is choke down on vitamin c, be cautious, and pray.

emperor_ said...

happened before will hapen again nothin we can do about really now is there

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