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Since it has not been found in any Swine to date.


bwlobo said...

Oh, I laughed so hard when I read your question. Kwanzaa Baby, you're the boss! I absolutely love it!
The World Health Organization has blown this all out of proportion! I have this theory that Mexico would not have had any deaths at all with this flu virus if they didn't have nationalized health. The public can't get the anti-viral medications they need. This is why they're dying... not because it is a deadly virus. Yes, it is quite contagious, but it's not deadly.

[[Ballin said...

No Because there are more than one H1N1 Flu's.
This is a stupid question.
1. It's really not something to joke about because people are getting seriously ill and dying.
2. You obviously have very little knowledge of the flu in the first place.
You should be doing yourself a favor and keeping current and updated with it in stead of asking questions like these.

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