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Officials are planning to use volunteers (who would be given training) to help care for patients during a flu pandemic when there is person to person transmission.
Right now the fatality rate is over 60% worldwide and 85% in Indonesia.
We won't have a vaccine for 6 to 9 months into a pandemic and antiviral drugs will be in short supply.
Would you be willing to help take care of patients during a pandemic?

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cbfoxley said...

Yes, definitely would take care of patients under these circumstances.

cbfoxley… said...

There will be no worldwide pandemic if countries prepare
there citizens how to prevent the Flu disease from spreading.
Practice good hygiene.
Wash hands carefully.
Cover mouth and nose when coughing.
If persons already have the Flu, stay away from direct contact with others..

Seeanna said...

and yes I would too, Im a nurse

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