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Why the overreaction by the WHO? Why would US states declare a state of emergency and close schools for such a mild illness?
Is this about health, or about state governments getting a check they don't really need?


Law & Order: Intarwebz Unit 2.0 said...

I'd rather the CDC overreacted to the stuff that doesn't matter than have them ignore something that DID end up being dangerous. Constantly being subjected to all this crap in the news about Swine Flu is annoying as hell, and the average person really doesn't need to worry about it, but it's kind of a good thing that the CDC and WHO are so vigilant about preventing the spread of disease. I think a lot of the concern is coming from the similarities between this disease and Spanish flu.
At any rate, I'm pretty sure that Swine Flu will go the way of SARS, West Nile, Avian Flu, etc. pretty quickly, and we can all move on to panicking about some new disease. The likelihood of SF mutating into something more dangerous isn't as high as some think, given that it's not particularly virulent. Unfortunately, the hype from the media would you have you thinking that the infection has a 100% death rate and perfect virulence, but they always make things out to be as bad as possible -- and that's true of both the left and right leaning networks.
Edit: A ploy to push national health care? Then please explain why the governments of countries that already have public health care (Canada, for instance) are also getting uppity about this? Like the whole world doesn't have better things to do than try to push public health care onto the US.

Grunge is dead said...

The agenda is so Obama can push through his health plan with little to no resistance. Also big pharma can make big bucks by introducing a new vaccine to inject the paranoid and scared citizens with.

Chris said...

It is about the left-wing overrating like normal.
Another media hype of a story that gets half if not more of this country in a frenzy.
Lets be a little smarter people.

rwb13 said...

it's a ploy to push the national health care plan. as rahm said, never let a good crisis get away.

danrathe said...

So you won't watch what's going on elsewhere.

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