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everyone is saying that we would have to stay in our homes but i doubt that so what would happen??and would we get oober cool mouth mask things??


Funny Animation Videos said...

It looks like Fibbler has been playing Pandemic ll on That is the same order of ocurances on the game. It is a fun game, but it is far from actual events of a pandemic.
It could get very bad if it mutates, because this is the same strain (h1n1) of the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed 50,000,000 people.
It will most likely not mutate until next flu season, as that is usually when viruses mutate. Hopefully the world will be prepared by then.
LOL I cannot believe someone quoting an online flash game, for reference to a pandemic. Oh I'll get a chuckle out of that for a while.

Fibbler said...

If the swine flu mutates and turns into a pandemic, it would be a lot worse than just staying in our houses and wearing masks, but that would probably be one stage of it.
A few things that would happen if it got to be bad enough: Masks would be handed out, Water bottles would also be given out, Dead body's would be burned, airports and shipyards would be shut down and closed off, state/country boarder's would be closed to protect country's that are clean, and more things like that.
By the way, the masks suck...the mask heats up and on a hot day it would just really suck.

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