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I'm wondering if there is a plan in place to stop air, ship and rail travel, should the WHO declare a level 6. If I travel somewhere far, is there a possibility of getting stuck there, short of walking home?


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Check for pages 53 & 54 at "Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response", an OFFICIAL WHO guidance document findable at
In brief:
Individual/household level measures:
+ Advise people with acute respiratory illness to stay
at home and to minimize their contact with
household members and others.
+ Advise household contacts to minimize their level
of interaction outside the home and to isolate
themselves at the first sign of any symptoms of
Societal level measures:
+ Implement social distancing measures as indicated
in national plans, such as class suspensions and
adjusting working patterns.
+ Encourage reduction in travel and crowding of the
mass transport system.
+ Assess and determine if cancellation, restriction, or
modification of mass gatherings is indicated.

SteelerF said...

Martial Law and Quarantine

John said...

everyone cries.

Tomasz C said...

everyone dies

ⓄⓇⒺⓄ said...

we all carry out "plan run for the hills"

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