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What are the chances that Disneyland and Magic Mountain will close because of Swine Flu?On May 9th? If it gets worse will the school still let us go?Or will they close the parks?What are your thoughts?
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Indiana Jones said...

chances are pretty much slim to none.
remember SARS the amusement parks didn't close for that and tons of people were dieing from that where are swine flu has only killed one person so far. and i think people are worrying way too much about it in the first place. as a dr said on the news it is just another flu virus. its no more dangerous than any other flu going around.
most people don't seem to realize that you can die from any flu virus not just swine flu.
btw it may be hitting home for me. my sister came home from work today (she is a teaching) and she started feeling super sick and has a fever and other flu like symptoms.
i live near buffalo in case anyone was wondering.

churchla said...

Most likely everything will be closing down very soon. Swine flu is spreading and now they can't control it. It is my opinion that they need to close all schools in the United States along with amusement parks and other public places until this horrible disease is under control. Closing schools and public places after it has spread is like closing the barn door after the horse is already escaped. How stupid can this government be. It makes sense to me - close now before it has a chance to spread around anymore than it already has. I don't understand why in the world they have to wait until it has sickened or killed a lot of people before they do the things that make the most sense.

disneyla said...

NO! if there is a case of the swine flu that is ALL OVER florida just like mexico then i do not think disney world would close. i dont think it will get worst in 6 days so do not worry.
just bring a lot of purell (hand sanitizer) and put it on after each ride and be sure not to put your hands too close to your face, you never know what is on it.

Best Smartphone Software said...

Oh, I don't think they'll close THAT soon. If the Swine Flu does get bad, they'll probably close around summer than re-open. Don't worry, your field-trip will be fine. :) Just wash your hands often and don't share food. Those are the most common ways to get the Swine Flu.

racingro said...

Disneyland has never closed since they opened. They didn't close when Walt Disney died and they didn't close on 9/11. I highly doubt they will close because of the swine flu, especially since it isn't in Orange County yet (from what I know)

Jonas Brothers fan (: said...

i'm going.
on may 8th for a class trip,
i hope they dont close it down.
i live in nevada,
i'm scared i dont want that sickness/disease. :/

jazminx said...

they've already closed a few schools in southern california..
im sure if there are many cases in orange county they'll close Disneyland.

Smartphone Reviews said...

NOpe theyl be open. i went there last tuesday

bear said...

they will close them down if it gets real serious

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