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Just recently my brothers and sisters are having fears of the swine flu and they are afraid of going back to school they are scared because they can get the flu like disease called the swine flu.
Is there a way for my brothers and sisters as well as niece and nephews to protect themselves during school hours since there's a chance of an outbreak otherwise the best thing i can think of is not sending them to school until i make sure its been contain.


What I Say said...

Tell them to refrain from touching their eyes, ears, and nose. Tell them to avoid close contact with people who may be sneezing and coughing. And above all, tell them to wash their hands every chance they get. Influenza viruses can live on surfaces for short periods of time. You can give kids disposable napkins if they can't get to a restroom.

sandand_ said...

I agree with the hand-washing and educating them on being careful not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth too much. Don't bother with a mask, because the surgical masks don't protect the person wearing them - every time you inhale, air comes around the sides and not thorugh the mask. You would need a more heavy duty thing to be effective, and they're not fun to wear for a long time.
Maybe have them bring little bottle of hand sanitizers with them too. Make sure they get plenty of sleep and good food so their immune system is in top form. You can try the Airborne stuff or some other medication you can take to help prevent the flu.

Elizabet said...

Your family should just follow the good hygiene practices and eating well. Frequent hand washing (not hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap they just make things worse) helps. Keeping hands away from eyes, nose and mouth. Sneezing into the sleeve instead of their hands. If eating healthy is a problem good supplementing (good vitamins and minerals) help boost the immune system. Hope this helps.

dee-is-k said...

erm, i think if the kids are ok with it, id send them to school with the mouth masks to help prevent them catching it.
other than that I would just moniter their tempreture and any flu like ssymptoms as luckily it is something that can be dealt with if its caught early on, so they should be ok.

moontan said...

i don't speak Mexican, so I will not get it.

Christie W said...

If you live in an area where it is a danger, I'm sure the school would already be taking their own precautions. If a few students come down with it they'll close the school until it's settled down. But I'm the type of person like you who would like to take their own precautions. The Swine Flu is spread just like any other flu. Though you could send your brother and sister to school with masks on, I think it would embarrass them a bit too much. I'd just buy them those handy dandy purse size Alcohol based hand sanitizer to carry with them in their pocket to deal with any paranoia. Just have them wash their hands a lot and take a multivitamin and some vitamin C supplements in the morning before school. And if you're still worried, I'd think the easiest time during the day for a school kid to pick up anything would be in the lunchroom, so if they're younger just run through some basic rules about washing their hands before they eat and not sharing any food or drinks or touching anyone else's food. Maybe even give them pack lunches for a few weeks if you're really worried.

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