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With no vaccine in site, wouldn't it be BETTER for most of us (who are healthy) to catch the H1N1 virus now? That way IF this outbreak follows the pattern of the flu outbreak in 1918, those who got the mild sickness now would be immune from the second, stronger wave later - which did most of the killing?

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cookie said...

i think you make a very good point...in1918 when the first flu hit it was not as bad as the second (mutated) flu, of the same strain, which came in 1919. it was this second "wave" that killed 20-40 million people. there is some documentation that many of those that survived the first flu in 1918 were not affected by the next, more deadly, mutated strain in 1919... we'll see...still i understand the others answers, as i'm sure you do...i don't want to take on this flu in case their is a worst flu on the way...but still great question. i think you're right.

Hi :) said...

I don't know. Maybe. But I don't think that would mean you were full-proof protected from getting it again. I don't think it could save you from dying either. Plus the very obvious fact that NOBODY would volunteer to do that. Unless it was, in fact, a full-proof way to avoid a stronger flu later.

Bumblebe said...

I don't think so.
Viruses constantly mutate.
if the virus were to come back stronger later this year I don't think that guarantee's protection because the virus would have to have mutated into a stronger strain.

LUCKY 11 said...

well how about we test that idea on only you and see if it works.

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