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It's pretty crazy how this swine flu rapidly grew in the course of a couple of weeks, and on top of that we only have little info about it. Is it well a naturel threat though pigs or could it possibly be more, a bio attack?


Sixfeett said...

A little science here. Humans, pigs and birds, as well as some other animals, can mix and match new viruses all the time.
Do you know why do so many viruses/influenza strains come out of China? Because in South China, people live in houses on stilts and they keep their livestock under the houses...which are ducks and pigs.
A virus isn't a bacteria. It's a creature with eight genes. Our only defense against it is to form antibodies, but because viruses mutate and mix with other viruses they meet, we don't have the antibiodies to fight them until we're exposed to it.
All it is is JUST ANOTHER VIRUS and slow news days at the media outlets.

Padrefan said...

Tom Clancy, the author, predicted a 9/11 type attack in one of his thrillers. The follow-up novel was based on a bio threat not unlike what's happening now. Is it a plot? Possibly. In Clancy's book, the threat was Ebola based. It is unusual that the flu is coming in the spring, rather than the winter.

Bill said...

Maybe they're jihadist pigs.

Nadia said...

No, not terrorists.
It's either pigs or cows... though they don't know yet.

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