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Ok, so I'm freaking out right now. I really don't want to do because of the swine flu and I'm just wondering is it lethal in the US?
I live in Nevada.

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Basic said...

In my opinion, there is a possiblity that there could be a swine flu pandemic. What are the chances of it happening? I would say slim.
The way it spreaded in Mexico has really caught my attention. It killed nearly 150 people to date, now thats a pandemic right there.
Be prepared and hope for the best.
-Wash hands
-Stay away from sick people
-Stay home if your sick and contact a doctor immediately

Anonymous said...

I really doubt it will turn out to be like the Black Plague. It is just like the regular flu, except more contagious. So far, the only people that have died are in Mexico. There have been no confirmed deaths in the U.S, Canada, etc... All the people that have been infected outside of Mexico have recovered/are recovering. In my opinion, the media is making a too big of deal out of this, making people scared and paranoid.
Just be aware and take basic safety precautions. Washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, etc...

Kevin said...

ok so this is all i know the swine flu was brought here after WW1 by soldiers from europe it died down got back up in the 70's and now its coming is really bad in Mexico. It only recently reached NYC with 18 cases last time i checked (yesterday). I would say your safe because you live in Nevada, i probably have a greater chance of getting it because i live in New York and spring break just ended and my friend and many other students went to Mexico. Our Super Idtedant even called us and told us any student who feels at all sick should not come to school. so i would your safe or at least safer then me.

Hate said...

No, no no. Almost most people/ everyone in the US recovered from swine flu; and its not the end of the world or anything. Human came so far in this world; they wont get wiped out now. Go and enjoy life.

waffleX said...

no, calm down.
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Justme said...

We will have to wait and find out, in 1918 the flu killed 50 million people.
Buy a mask if enough cases are reported in your area

Liz said...

I dont think so. There isnt a current resistance to it but tamaflu works. wash your hands and dont eat after ppl. and dont go to mexico!!

anarcho the angry said...

No, you're not going to die, now shut up already.

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