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Is it going to spread like wild fire?


Melissa♥'s Kevin Jonas! said...

As far as I know, it goes by levels, and right now I believe it's at a level 5.
There are things we can do to prevent it, people just have to take the initiative to do it.
Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently; sneeze into tissues that you dispose of right away; cover your mouth during coughing fits. All of these things are good ways for you to do your part in stopping it.
If we try, it won't have to reach pandemic level.
Try Google, search for the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s website and see if you get the results you'd like there.

Latest Movie Trailers said...

yes maybe if no one deals with it but maybe not since they are working hard on the swine flu

Tony M said...

yes it is clear from the news on it all it will turn up as an epidemic.

Friendly Neanderthal said...

it's at level 5 now, one more phase and it's a fullblown pandemic

oh em gee said...

cuz were god and we know ..

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