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An avian flue is not a new disease in the world. It is a zooneses that has re-emerge after being present in the world over several decades. But now all the world attention has been turned towards it as something very strange and a lot of money is invested in trying to find the effective vaccine, and probably later a vaccine will be developed and put in the market and all people will be required to be vaccinated as a measure to combart this disease.But what happened before, what is happening now without such a vaccine?
The disease was just an epidemic (to human beings) in certain parts of china and later to some few countries in asia. What about other parts of the world? In europe, africa and america has remain to be disease of birds and are the only one reported dead in these areas. So what do you think?


cajunres said...

Yeah, the avian influenza could be a threat, but please keep in mind that the media has a way of blowing things all out of proportion.

Cool Video Clips said...

Human influenza constantly evolves. Occasionally it gets a major infusion of new genes from wild influenza which comes from wild birds, the original home of influenza. In 1918, a bird flu jumped to humans and killed millionsof people including a good part of the U.S. Army. That is what we are afraid is about to happen again.
Right now it is just killing lots of wild birds and chickens and a few people that have close contact with them. Only a few people have gotten sick from other people with the flu. If the bird flu mutates so human to human spread is possible, we will have a pandemic and millions could die. Right now about 50% of the people who get the disease die. The government estimates up to 40% of the U.S. population could get the disease if it becomes a pandemic. Thus all the precautions. If we are lucky it won't evolve.
I would strongly suggest you read up on precautions to take for when a pandemic occurs.
I'd rather be stuck with a lot of vaccine than have the pandemic.

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