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Ok may be not swine flu but why do they not just stay at home instead of spreading it to us


Chosen Man said...

Now is the time to catch it.
At the moment, its death toll is quite small. If you catch it now, before it mutates to something more deadly, you will get a better degree of protection than the jab.
Please sneeze on me.

Rubym said...

I don't know in some parts of the country or world, but a lot of us in the Midwest have seasonal allergies and while it is not as bad where I live as a month or so ago, it can be bad. When my allergies kick in, even with medication, there is some sneezing and coughing. I try to be careful, I have so much experience with sinus symptoms, I use a lot of hand sanitizer and wash my hands a lot and try to always face away from people if I sneeze or cough.
But everybody who has a cough or sneeze can not stay home. If they have other symptoms, then yes. But some people just have chronic sinus problems and sometimes other people can't tell what the problem is.
But the bottom line is, yes if you have bona fide flu symptoms, stay away from others if you can.
Also here is the 'boy who cried wolf' scenario: A person has a cough and sore throat from some mild cold or something. They use up their sick leave because they don't want to spread it. Then boom! the Flu hits. They have problems because they don't have sick leave. So people have to be careful when it comes to knowing what they have.

Rosina Puter Prat said...

For what it's worth I don't believe for one moment that people who boast about going to work with any kind of flu actually have flu. Flu can be a killer and anyone who's had it knows how ill it can make you feel. No way do you drag yourself out in winter weather when you can hardly drag yourself out of bed to go to the loo!
What they take to work with them is a cold or perhaps a feverish cold which means they're not up to much and just pass it on. This is the employers' fault more than anyone.
Far too many make staff feel guilty if they are not well and don't seem to realise or care that bullying people into going to work is completely counter productive.

Anonymous said...

Good question, ever since the first cases were declared as positive in the UK I have avoided crowded places and drink outside at the pub ... the last thing that I need is dose of flu (or even a cold) when I travel next week.
When I get to the airport I will have a handkerchief with 'clove oil' on it for the journey.

the_hedd said...

Because getting the flu helps your body to develop immune properties.
Those that have the H1N1 virus may not even know they have that type of flu until they are so sick that they need to be hospitalized.
Germ-o-phoebes should be the ones to stay at home.

Ollie said...

Plenty of times but mine beats that.I went to see my doctor & he had a virus i caught it off him,have now had it 10 weeks.Have had antibiotic's but it will not go away.

Maylandi said...

in day to day can not avoid people who cough or sneeze.
other things like door handles & escalator handrails also carry the flu virus - i NEVER touch them & i carry anti bacterial hand spray with me too!

may_minu said...

sometimes my whole class is sneezing & coughing but what to do?
I cant run out of the class
my students cant sit at home as they have paid for the course

★★★★ JOMAMO ★★★★ said...

I get six and seven year olds "sharing" their snot with me every day.
Bit impractical to ask them all to stay at home. Nice thought though.

Anonymous said...

I was at the grocery store the other day. A guy was walking down the isle and he sounded like he was going cough up a lung. He wasn't even trying to cover his mouth. I can't stand people like that.

Drunk Monkey. said...

Hi Haberdashersmaid I agree with what you're saying. Where I live you get sneezed and coughed on even if it isn't swine flu.

STRING~B said...

A....Ah....Ahhhh....AH~CHOINK,oink,oink,… slackers "stay home" becuz of a little sniffle.

Chipmunk said...

I work with young children. I get coughed and sneezed on on a daily basis!

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