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I heard it started from pigs and spread it's way to humans, but then today I heard some other theories about Korea creating the swine flu then spreading on purpose in America, what theory is true? Does anybody actually know?


Joe said...

THEY are trying to kill off most the population.NWO
This is most likely just a test run.

The First Dragon said...

Why not blame it on Osama bin Laden?
There's one thing that modern humanity seems to have trouble accepting: that Mother Nature is more powerful than Homo Sapiens.
Let's ask Al Gore what caused Swine Flu; maybe it has something to do with anthropogenic climate change.
No I don't think Korea did it.

Steve said...

Okay first of all what do they call a fat man or a pig you guessed it a swine and FYI There is South Korea a peaceful country and NORTH KOREAN the country from hell so north korea might have but most likely the pig.

Dream big said... started from mexico and if it did happan in korea somewhere its probably the North Korea..... south korea are very strict on health issues;; thier whole country is always looking for health and clean things.... their known for that

gaius said...

North Korea doesn't even have street lights so how could they start biological weapons?

JEZiiYKA said...

well i heard it started here in the u.s and the passed to mexico

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