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There are so few cases in France, Germany and even Spain compared to the US, UK and Canada. Do mainland European countries have different definitions of when people have contracted swine flu? Or do they just have better healthcare/hygiene? It seems like English-speaking countries are the worst hit.


Jabu said...

Well gee, maybe it's because it started in Mexico and Canada and the US are on the same continent as Mexico? As for other countries, maybe they just aren't as open about reporting the numbers as Canada, the US, and UK.
H1N1 isn't actually that big of a deal. The media blew it way out of proportion. Far more people die every year from regular, seasonal influenza.
45 people have died in Canada from H1N1. Anywhere between 4000-8000 Canadians die ANUALLY from the regular flu and its complications.
Worldwise just over 700 people have died from H1N1. Anywhere between 250,000-500,000 people worldwide die ANUALLY from the regular flu.

zarben31 said...

I just want to get people aware of this swine flu more and more and take precautions accordingly. Oh man this has killed so many people.
If you are interested check the article below to know all about swine flu (I have collected around 200 links to good articles and sites about swine flu)…

Sri said...

There is a good resource site for the Swine Flu at It has a list of swine flu symptoms so you can help diagnose yourself. It includes international swine flu news as well as local news so you can track the spread of the disease.

globalpr said...

Probably cause we're in the same continent but swine flu isn't that big of a problem now unless someone dies.

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