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Guys the swine flu seems to be getting worse
and there have been reports on underground news stations that people that are getting infected are having this "zombie" like behavior
they act violent and start doing bad homostaphil things
what should we do


Stepheni said...

Only children, and the weak minded would be afraid of something like this. More people will die in a car accident today than will die of swine flu in a year (or probably 10+). It is over sensationalized media hype, to get people to become glued to their television, just like all the other ones before it (Avian bird flu, SARS, 9/11 etc).
"and there have been reports on underground news stations that people that are getting infected are having this "zombie" like behavior"
Please step away from the internets..

Sammy said...

the CDC has reported 91 cases in the United States. According to WHO, there have been 10 deaths worldwide because of the Swine Flu, and only 1 person here at home in the US.
Is this reason to panic? Not one bit.
The regular flu kills somewhere around 175 people each and every day.
This results in over 63,000 per year.
There is no cure for the common flu.
We have vaccines, and natural immunities, but no cure.
The problem with the Swine Flu, is that we have no vaccines, and seeing as how we've never encountered it, we have no natural immunity to the virus.
Experts say that the Swine Flu is no worse than the regular flu, and it isn't to be compared to the black plague, or anything of the sort (like many news stations are trying to pretend it is).
So why is the media making this such a big deal?
Why is the media making such a point to bring it up?
Because that means that you'll watch their station, read their article, listen to their podcast, etc.
That's how they make money, kids.
Welcome to the economy. :)
Anyway, this thing really isn't a big deal. If you get it, go to the doctor, just to be safe. Experts say that your immune system should be able to fight it off without any antibiotics (just like the regular flu), but that you should go to the doctor anyway.
This isn't a big deal.
Bottom line:
The Swine Flu is just a different type of flu, but that's still all it is.. The flu. Nothing more, nothing less. The flu has the capability to kill people (usually young children, and the elderly), but it barely affects us. Even if somebody at your school did have it (which they probably don't), and it was given to you.. guess what would happen? You'd get the flu, it'd suck, you'd get over it. End of story.

pejuang said...

Your best bet is not to panic or listen to any hype from uninformed sources.
Swine flu is no more deadly than the normal N1H1 flu strain that has been going around for years. That is if proper treatment is acquired when symptoms are obvious.
Any flu strain or other disease is very deadly in less developed countries where healthcare is insufficient or otherwise non-existant.
A zombie-like behavior could be attributed to people with very high fevers(106 F) that can cause a person to hallucinate, permanent brain damage, seizures, and blindness if the person actually lives through such a trauma.
So instead of listening to such crap. Why not educate yourself about the symptoms for swine flu as well as ways to take precautions to prevent the spread the disease.
Find it here:
Perhaps you should also consider avoiding spreading such hype! (from uninformed sources with their own agenda!)
Hope this helps anyone and everyone concerned about this serious outbreak.

thewrite… said...

Hopefully not. If you thought you have any disease right now I would suggest avoid contact with tings that aren't just used by you. First call a doctor, it's the best thing to start with. What ever you do only see the doctor if you made a scheduled appointment because if you had it you might be infecting someone else. If you called first, they can be prepared. I hope that this doesn't turn into something as serious as cancer. Also, don't travel anywhere that is dangerous and the worst thing to do. Buy a face mask to protect you from the infected air your are breathing. Antivirals will help prevent swine flu reproduction. In mexico, they have antivirals in hotels. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE! THEY MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE! The most common way to prevent swine flu is to wash your hands regularly. When you get to your doctor, make sure that you are taking flu shots each year or season regularly. Cough or sneeze into a tissue. Cary around with you a Kleenex. When you are done with the tissue, dispose of it immediately. If you get swine flu, don's worry the virus is only temporary. All viruses eventually go away. So remember this advice and you'll do fine.

Hooya said...

Just take a breath and relax.
The swine is only really dangerous if you are an infant or elder or are already in a medical condition.
The reason it is spreading so fastly is because no one is really immune to it.
If you do get the swine flu it will pass eventually like the flu but can be easily spread.
There are some medications to make you feel slightly better but the swine flu just has to pass.
It is easily spreadable but not deadly to everyone.
I don't think people are going to become zombies and if they do we will just have to dig up some old movies and do what the heros do.
This is what I heard but I don't think anyone really knows right now.

pdean said...

Actually it is not such a big deal as the media has made it out to be. The only difference of this so called swine flu and any other flu during the flu season is that the media has gave it too much attention in an attempt to promote fear in the public. Im not too sure whether or not they have done that yet but the media is trying very hard to do so. Why? you ask, would they do all of this? Well, keep in mind that the government only brought about the "swine flu" scare so that they can justify the expenditures needed in stockpiling "vaccines" for the so called flu. When they unleash the real round of the Flu all the hospitals around the country will have stockpiles of the vaccines (mercury-concentrated, or another mixture that will surely depopulate) to administer to the frightened public. The truth is that there are way too many people in this world and it has been over 50 years since the last depopulation campaign, so we are due for another one anytime... At least they have enough caskets already stored at fema camps around the country. So we're ready.

Tyler said...

Hi There,
I know some people who have had the Swine Flu and they are fine. They did have the symptoms ya know headache, aches fatigue and so on.
I believe that the stronger your immune system the better chance you have of fighting the disease.
I think that the biggest thing is to prevent the flu from spreading. I saw a site called and the they both talk a lot about prevention and show you ways to prevent contracting or spreading the flu virus.
I looked and did not find much info on the zombie symptoms but I bet the zombie reactions may be caused by a combo of diseases at once.
Hope this helps you and have a great day

ME said...

Okay i cant believe how crazy people are about this "swine flu" The only reason you guys think its so bad is because the media brought it up to make money. Us doctors back here are just laughing away! Nobody has yet died from the united states. It was a visitor from mexico. the reason why people from mexico die is because the health care they have there is terrible! They don't have save drinking water and nobody's treated right. Swine flu is just the everyday flu. They only call it "swine flu" because humans pigs and birds are in a group they can all catch the same ordinary flu! They call it "swine flu" because they take a guess it came from a pig! what idiots. older people and younger people would die because they bodies cant take it. Us healthy people can take it. Sure you may feel sick for 3 or 4 days but nothing horrible you go on and believe what you believe. But i will tel you no healthy person will die in the united states except for people who are very old or infants even infants will die rarely. don be scared. The only way to prevent it is to wash your hands. It's not deadly! well hope you be smart!

Daddy LOCz said...

It is important to be prepared and to know more about the flu! Here are some resources:
How to Avoid the Swine Flu Virus:
Prepare for an Emergency Pandemic:
How to Travel During the Epidemic:

Sherry W said...

If you really dont wanna get the swine flu i advice you to :
Clean your hands after you going toilet (even pee)
Cover your mouth when you know that you gonna sneeze or cough
Eat vitamins such as (D,C) everyday.
You dont need to really to worry about getting swine flu if you do these 3 things above.
Hope this helped and i really wish best luck to you.

Mikey said...

The best way not to get swine flu is to lock yourself in your house for the next three weeks or so. Don't let anyone in your house and have all your groceries delivered online. Pay your bills via the internet and above all, never leave your house or let anyone in. You may be able to avoid getting swine flu if you follow these guidelines, but nothing is guaranteed.

emoglitt said...

Don't worry about it, if so you can take some precautions:
* Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
* Wash you hands frequently with soap and water for at least 15-20 seconds, epecially after you sneeze. Alcohol based hand cleaners are also effective.
* Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth as germs spread this way.
* Stay home if you are sick or until you have been symptom free for at least 24 hours.

Karolis said...

Its getting worse, over 800 cases, and 2 deaths.
This is whats gonna happen
No vaccine until about November or Decmber.
Flu season starts in october
The Flu getts stringer, and we all die.
IM IN ILLINOIS Which makes up 25% of the ppl infected im america.

Brogan P said...

I go to Steele HS (the first school to have people swine flu) honestly it's not that big of a deal. the ENTIRE football and basket ball team had it it's just only 3 people went to the docter about it. EVERY ONE at my school is in athletics... well mostly every one. so to say that the vast majority of my school had swine flu... no zombies... this whole thing is just a scare. <3

Michael B said...

swine flu does not turn people into zombies. please don't make fun out of serious situation..people have died from this flu.
There are some natural remedies that people can learn, and try to stay healthy.

DxLugio said...

omg i am freaking out about that too! they might be closing me school down! the good thing is that its not deadly unless ur old like really old, or a newborn child like the ay that died in Texas tht was 23months old. SO if you do get it , its basically just the flu but it spreads soooo much quicker
^wash ur hands and be safe!

Koko said...

the site that need protection are the dams and water sources for the urban and rural use. once these places are contaminated with swine flu pathogens, millions will be infected in short period of time.

morgjil said...

-don't panic
-don't share food or drinks with anyone
-wash your hands before eating
-this website has tips:…

skatetwi said...

well they dont act like a zombie it is dangerous and what u should do would b get a hand sanitizer and put some one everu 2 hours and wash ur hands ALOT.
I know it sound like a clean freak but its 4 safety!

Lizzie said...

I think people are over reacting to this whole thing. The regular flu kills people too and there is not even a cure for it, but when a new flu is discovered and it kills people a lot of people over react.

katagalu said...

yea pretty soon this whole thing is gonna turn into a resident evil extinction..where only one a few ppl love and they fight off swine flu infected zombies...

danny said...

if you check out swine flu australia you will find all the info u need about swine flu zombies

ruiz_ger said...

I am a total germ freak and I haven't heard of anything like that happening. Last I heard people where finding it wasn't as bad as the media made it seem. I just know that it is spreading quick.

N G L said...

Yep, I googled swine flu and got some answers. I also found some funny shirts about it. Check them out

Peter C said...

chill the heck out. it's not as bad as the regulaur flu and people don't freak out about that. i swear to god people are so damned paranoid. chill OUT!

dramaque said...

Don't worry about it!!! You should go see a doctor but have it come to ur house and he/she will see if u have it......if you do stay home for 20 days! Calm down! Breath in and breath out!

Jay123 said...

You shouldn't be worried. They said that the regular flu kills more people each year than the Swine Flu. We have only had like 2 deaths so far in The US.

Mrs. Campbell said...

The swine flu really isnt that big of a deal obviously. same as the regular flu cant always listen to what the news says hun.

Crazy! said...

Would every one relax its nothing if it was that bad we would have to barricade our homes and wear masks but were not so we're OK

Amber said...

No it isn't. It seems like it's going to be ok. People are blowing this out of proportion. There are safety measures u can take. People aren't practicing good hygiene.

Mazy M said...

Well... meh.
Swine Flu doesn't spread well in how weather. Thank you global warming :-)

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