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Hi does anybody know if (when) swine flu becomes a pandemic does that mean that sporting events and large non sporting events would get cancelled? Many thanks for any help.


nick said...

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global flu pandemic after holding an emergency meeting, according to reports.
It means the swine flu virus is spreading in at least two regions of the world with rising cases being seen in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile.
The move does not necessarily mean the virus is causing more severe illness or more deaths.
The swine flu (H1N1) virus first emerged in Mexico in April.
It has since spread to 74 countries.
Official reports say there have been 28,000 cases globally and 141 deaths and figures are rising daily.
Hong Kong said it was closing all its nurseries and primary schools for two weeks following 12 school cases.
It is the first flu pandemic in 40 years - the last in 1968 with Hong Kong flu killed about one million people

Daniel said...

eventually yes, but i think that would be the least of your worries. i think you should be more concerned about the outbreak of swine flu

Rebel..x said...

Probably, or they would still play for instance, the basketball game, just have no live audience, and only put it on tv, like no one at the court, you know?

LittleMi said...

It is possible as it has now been lifted to Pandemic level.
Events could be cancelled anytime from now onward

jamand said...

On the news yesterday they said it would not affect events, but everything might change if the numbers shoot up suddenly

Stu T said...

i don't think ..
the events are scheduled
don't worry

M&M's said...

The only real disease is fear.

Jeremy Jay said...

Yes it does.

ღஜღTseri said...

It has but no

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