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I now that swine flu is made of pig and human stuff but what is the rest mad of, becouse me and my friend is doing a powerpoint so can you please help!!!!?


Velex said...

It is a virus (microscopic organism) that generally infects pigs and can in some cases infect humans. The recent outbreak classed epidemic because of transmission from person to person.
Viruses keep mutating, once you catch the flu, your body reacts to fight it, once resistant, you never catch it again. But people get the flu every year because of it's mutations that the body is not resistant to. Seasonal outbreaks to which bodies do not become resistant are treated with vaccines (like any other virus), whereby a dead or weak form of the virus is injected (to uninfected persons) to get the body use to it.
The H1N1 Strand of influenza A , termed 'swineflu' has never infected humans before and the vaccine could take up to 6 months to make.
NB: There is no evidence to prove that handling pork can result in contamination.
- I reckon that deserves best answer, how about you?

Ironman said...

well the way your asking the question is barely using correct english..
"I know that the swine flue COMES from pigs and human stuff, and i dont know what the rest comes from, me and my friend are doing a project for school.
Well its a virus taht came from mexico and it has been brought to 19 US states and 150 people died in mexico from it and it started with pigs and came to humans,

Lexi said...

ur right it is a mix of the pig and human stuff but i heard its also from bird....i saw a video on it. hope that helps at all u can probably research the bird thing.

Haneen :) said...

It's swine, avian, and human flu all together

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