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We are worried we will have problems returning through France because of the UK swine flue


blueferr said...

you shouldn't have any problems if none of you have or show any signs of swine flu.

Claire said...

ime not sure you should be ok they may visual check that ure not ill just by looking at u at border controll just to check.
But you may have trouble getting back cos the worse cases of swine flu are here in the uk.
But ime only sujesting this u most probly will be ok.

geolobst said...

The UK government suggests business as usual and to remain at home indoors if you get flu-like symptoms. Catch it, bin it, kill it is the usual advice
You may want to take your EU health card nonetheless

SS4 said...

they said on the news today that currently only airlines are restricting movement of people with swine flu
so driving you should be ok
I did hear that there is talk of 'I havent got swine flu' letters from your GP but dont know how near that day is

danceswi said...

You won't trust me
Very little people have swine flu
I had it, but im unlucky.
Keep amongst yourselves and you'll be fine

Alex W said...

"The UK Swine Flu" - what is that? Is that any different to the "Global Swine Flu"?

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