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The swine flu is the thing what we are mostly discussed in these days and most of the people are really interested to get knowing what this is. According to the scientific explanation, swine flu is a virus which was originated with the swine and now it has spread to the humans also. They have named this virus as Swine influenza (H1-N1) and still remain as a critical virus category. Because of that, still there are not vaccines in order to prevent from the infection and the only thing we can do is control the spread of it.

If you are really interest and concern on stopping the spread, then there few basic things you can follow through.  As an example, it is always better to cover up your nose and mouth while you’re sneezing and when going near to a person who is sneezing or coughing, the reason is that this virus can be spread through the air and you need to take all possible precautions to stop it.

Also if you are feeling not well and sick, then it is always better to get the immediate medical attention as it can be the beginning of the swine flu. Since it is the beginning, the doctors can do some little more in order to keep your situation under control till they find a proper solution for the virus.

However the doctors has identified that there are no specific symptoms for this swine virus and the symptoms are same as normal flu. So if you are having heavy headache, fever , chilling, body ache, vomiting, diarrhea and any other symptom with relevant to the normal flue, it is always recommended to get medical attention and try to cover up your mouth & nose always. So it will be a great help to prevent the virus being spread.

Since this virus is originated with the swine, the doctors and scientists are still doing their investigations in order to find a proper cure for the virus. So the state government has given the full support for this process as they have understood the gravity of the situation.

Also most of the meat processors have stopped producing pork due to this situation and the market also refusing pork. So it is a good point to avoid the spread of virus and it needs to be controlled accordingly. However the farmers have taken necessary precautions to keep the swine away from the other animals and the foods available at the farm to assure the safety from the swine flu. However by the time of now, few infected people have died due to the swine flu and it is a good point to understand the critical condition of this situation. Because of that, the scientists and the doctors work with their maximum capacity in order to find a proper solution for this critical virus. So the people are awaiting a very good solution in the very near future.

Individuals coming up with the question what are the swine flu symptoms, must definitely read through this article for a better understanding. At least you can be aware of it and take preventions if the needed be.


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