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If their was a major pandemic of H5N1, which kills 50% of those infected, do you think there would be martial law?


Storm Chaser Michael said...

I doubt the 'doctor' up there actually has a medical degree judging from his/her inability to actually read - anyway I think martial law would be implemented (but you didn't mention whether or not treatment was found for it). If treatment was found for H5N1, just like we have tamiflu for swine flu, there would be less panic, becuase the treatment would stop the disease being infectious. People would be held under quarantine, but only those with suspicious symptoms.

Kajex said...

I suppose so.
But Flu doesn't work that way. The strains that have such a high mortality rate are not readily contagious between humans. The ones that are readily contagious don't have such a high mortality rate.
There's a reason for this. A disease that kills off too many hosts will die out itself for lack of hosts.

The First Dragon said...

first of all, it was not h5n1... 2nd.. infecticity is not 100% , its only 5-10%. and 3rd.. in layman term,, killing rate is not 50%... its low.. may be 10% or less. since lots of people got swine flue and were having mild symptoms, got unnoticed. so,,, don't worry. be happy. !

doctorP said...

Well doctor whoever he is up there obviously is one horrible doctor because he does not know the h5n1 flu is the bird flu, not swine.
But yes, I do believe so.

Mike C said...


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