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AIDS pandemichas led to the deaths of more than 25 million people since it was first recognized in 1981, making it one of the most destructive pandemic in recorded history. Any solution you have in mind please send it.


Unbreaka said...

The problem with the answers already given is that they are not enforcable. Try as you might, you can't just 'ban' homosexuality, inter-religious marriage, etc (well, I suppose a death sentence might work; but we'd never want to promote something as cruel as that, would we?).
They key to stopping the HIV pandemic is made of several steps. First, people must be educated on what HIV is, how one gets it, and what the results are. The general population, especially in many African countries, is gravely misinformed on this issue, with many believing that AIDS doesn't even exist, or that condoms promote the spread of AIDS (thanks a lot, Pope; you've single handedly done more to promote the spread of this disease than any other living person)
Next, the social stigma attached to HIV must be removed, as for many people, living with HIV, but not having it officially diagnosed, is better than getting treated for the disease. There are medications available to help people live with HIV, but that only works if people are willing to get tested for it. The government of Botswana did a marvelous job of helping with this by making HIV testing a regular part of checkups. This helped to reduce the stigma of even receiving a test for HIV (who wants to tell their partner "I think you might have given me HIV, so I'm going to go get tested for it?").
Once people are educated about the disease, and then tested, those who have the disease can be treated, making it's spread much less likely.

artm732 said...

Leukemia patients have too many white blood cells. AIDS patients don't have enough because the virus is too strong.
If we could separate the wbc from people with leukemia and give them to people with AIDS, maybe it would be enough to counter attack the virus. Maybe not a cure, but possible treatment option.

R T said...

first of all, homosexuality doesn't cause someone to get AIDS. HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX causes AIDS. For being such an educated country, people here can be pretty ignorant. We need to educate people in third world countries about having safe sex and getting drug addicts to stop sharing needles.

dancelif said...

Monogamy or abstinence works pretty good. I'm not religious but I do believe sticking to just one partner makes the most sense. Just make a good choice and you'll be plenty happy for the rest of your life.

SuperVib said...

Get society to stop being a bunch of whores.

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