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Im really scared of Swine flu?
I haven't been to Mexico, but i have a couple of the symptons of the Swine flu. I live in London, so i have a risk. The symptons i have are
Sneezing, coughing, runny nose sometimes, tiredness, heavy head feeling, chills sometimes headache for a about 10 seconds sometimes, and sometime aches in my legs and my arms.
I'm really scared and only 14, what should i do, i am also not at school today because i dont feel well, someone help. My mum keeps on saying to me dont be ridiculous you dont have swine flu but i dont know :S


Jumpstyl said...

Hey, if you're feeling like this i would advice you to call your doctor to your house and let him see what's wrong with you.
Make sure you cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
WASH your hands ALWAYS after the toilet even if you pee!
I hope its not swine flu and i hope you best luck.

Karolis said...

Only a doctor can tell. But in cases of regular flu I've had, the headache is more than 10 seconds and the aches are more than sometimes, but if you take any kind of medication, like Tylenol or Ibuprophen it can mask symptoms.
Don't be scared, even if you did have the flu, most cases are mild. If you are home then you should not be spreading it, if you do have it. But there is no way of knowing without seeing a doctor. Even if you had a case of the flu, some cases in the US have turned out to be the 'regular' flu from the winter season, not H1N1.

Tony said...

Use Gelsemium 30 three doses a day for one day. If the fever is running high use Rhus Tox 1M one dose. Swine flu is more akin to human flu and Gelsemium will not allow it to advance for more than one day, though it may take a couple of days for you to recover. No need to get scared. Swine flu is fatal only if it is allowed to advance into the pneumonia stage. Most of the medicines in homeopathy are good for flu as well as for pneumonia, and therefore the comments that it will be allowed to reach the pneumonia stage.

Victoria said...

dont worry about it! if you are really scared, visit the doctor.
some things you could do is:
-dont ever cover your nose with your hands
-hand sanitizer! every1 is carrying around some so im pretty sure you have some
-at school i dont think you need to carry around tissues cause they probably have some there.
-aviod toughing your eyes, nose, or mouth.
The swine flu is like any other flu. almost every flu can kill you. people are just making every1 freaking out about it. your symrtons are almost all of the symptons of the swine flu. visit the doctor!
the symptons are--
-sore throat
- body aches

Rubym said...

I am ONLY 12 and I have ALL the symtoms but NOONE believes me cuz i lie to get out of school and say i am sick and I am NOT LYING.
My mom says I am being ridiculous too. ANYWAY
just tell you mom to bring you to the doctor tell him what is wrong
and um.. yah if you have it they will do something.
I NO i am only 12 but I know.. lol
the symptoms are::
fever, which is usually high
runny nose or stuffy nose
sore throat
body aches
fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
diarrhea and vomiting (sometimes)

udaya k said...

go to the doctor they'll tell you if you have swine flu or not i got this funny text message this morning maybe it'll cheer you up
blame it on the flu got you feeling blue blame it on the swine got you feeling blind blame it on the mex mex mex mex mex mex Mexicans
not very funny if you haven heard the song blame it…
hope you feel better!!!;…

hilariou said...

There is nothing to worry about.
13,000 people die from the ordinary flu a year. That is about 2 or 3 people a day.
And 2 people died from the swine flu in 2 weeks in London.
The reason why it is all over the news is that, it is extremely weird how this flu happened.

Ashleyy said...

Swine flu is just the regular flu but a little bit worse. Nearly everyone is recovering from it here in the US. Sure it makes you really sick, but then you get better.
But you sound like you have a regular flu. Listen to your mum and stop stressing out so much.

ME MYSELF I said...

The symptoms sound flu like so why not go to the doctor or walk in clinic and get checked out? As your mother says, it probably isn't Swine Flu but with National Health (or OHIP, depending on which London) it is easier to get it checked out.

Corey said...

No offense, but the same thing happened during the spring of 1918. During that time the Spanish Flu began to come around. This was the first wave. People got sick and there were deaths; however a second wave came in the Fall of 1918-Spring 1919. This is when the flu spread throughout the globe resulting in massive deaths.

stephani said...

Don't worry. You have to have fever, stomach aches, and vomitting to have the flu. Just remember to be really careful and stay home when you are sick. By the way, do mean london ontario or the one in england?

St N said...

I had this swine flu thing. well it wasnt confirmed but i was around ppl who definitely had it and i was sick for only 3 days. just drink a lot of fluids and youll be a-okay in less than a week.

ki01_198 said...

visit a doctor!

Jnnnnnnn said...

Out of the billions upon billions of people in the world less than 300 have had the swine flu. So relax, I'm sure its just a cold.

♪ Sam ♫ said...

It's just a cold dont panic

Michael B said...

hahaha Please don't worry.
Right now I'm watching the Doctors and they have a Sine Flu special. You really have to see it.
This swine flu is like the regular flu EXCEPT a bit more harsh and unknown.
What you have to realize are some facts like ONLY 1 out of 4 people who come into contact with swine flu will get it.
Here's a story. In a school in America, some people in the school got contracted with the swine flu. The 14 year old girl met 30 of her friends in the ER and they were tested positive.
She started taking Tamaflu and in only 2 days, she was fine!
If you're still worried or really think you have it then get some tamaflu somewhere.
Anyways, this is an opportunity for scientist to make more technology and learn more off of these people who get it. Maybe in a year, there will be a vaccine. In the same year, who knows maybe there will be the dog flu wrapped up with the pig and bird flu too.
Its the push and pull between light and darkness. With each other the other won't exist.
Sorry i was rambling on a little there but lol yeah don't worry there are many other more relevant things to worry about like if you'll miss your favorite T.V show!!!

heartzab said...

when you die of swine flu you turn into a zombie. youve seen all the films with these viruses. why do you thinks its always on the news every channel you turn to. just like the films youve seen. And this is true.

deb said...

swine flu is harmless to you, but it will make your ipod explode if you medicate srsly!!! it happened to me

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